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Child Safety

What is child safety?

As parents, keeping our children safe, in an uncertain world, is an enormous undertaking. We can only take so many precautions, anticipate so many situations, buy so many child security products, and look up so many child safety tips. Eventually our kids will be responsible for their own safety. Encouraging the importance of Situational Awareness at an early age will go a long way to helping them avoid life threatening dangers. The more alert they are to world around them, the safer they will be.

How can I keep my kid safe?

Being prepared for what life throws at you is an important habit to initiate. Luckily, we live in the age of “there’s an app for that”. I encourage you to do some research and take advantage of any resource that keeps your children safe. Also, look into child safety products. There are many child safety items for both home safety and on the go that are safe for kids. Try making a child safety rules booklet with your kids. Getting them to learn about their own safety in an engaging and creative way.

Should I get my children involved?

Remember safety doesn’t have to be scary. When talking about safety try to keep it light and fun. Encourage your kids to engage and express any of their concerns and fears. In a lot of ways fears can be a good thing. Their fears can be a gut instinct or intuition that something or someone is dangerous. Have a few suggestion on how to handle dangerous situations. Things like getting an adult, calling 911, getting as far away from the danger as possible, or using any child security products you have for them. Even if your child is scared they need to know they can be powerful. Your rules will help them stay out of trouble. Their intuition and understanding of how to handle danger will help get them out of trouble.


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Any specific kids safety products?

Sheepdog Protection Group is here to help with our selection of child security products. We have many products and kits for the worry wart parents with children at all ages. For young children, try our LED clip on shoe lights and arm bands, or wireless leashes. The LED lights can help you keep track of your child at night or to make them visible to cars to provide extra child safety measures, while the wireless leashes can be used in large populated areas. They alert you when the child has gone outside the radius you set. For the new drivers check out the 8-n-1 car charger power bank auto safety tool. You’ll find it among the automotive safety supplies. The Extreme College Survival Kit is perfect for any future scholar. The kit is complete with Pepper spray, door and nap alarms, pocket whistles, safety book, dvd’s, and much more.

What’s this about “it takes a village”?

Growing up I always thought my parents were worry warts.  When I was young they were always reminding me not to wander off, especially at amusement parks and other crowded venues. Even now I can hear them nagging me about “no talking to strangers”, “look where you’re going”, “pay attention”, “stay where I can see you”, “don’t take anything from someone without checking with me first”, “don’t climb on that!”. Then I grew up and you’d think they would have relaxed but no! I got my driver’s licenses and along with it came a whole new set of lectures. “Where are you going?”, “call me when you get there”, “Wear your seatbelt”, “it's cold out. Don’t let your fuel drop below a quarter tank”. Then I became an adult and went off to college. Surely, they can stop worrying now. WRONG! “Don’t walk around campus by yourself at night”, “don’t drink anything someone else give you”, “Always lock up”, and “Call me if you need anything”.

Then I too became a parent to two rambunctious, and adventurous kids. These two are constantly going in multiple directions. I realized only having two eyes and two hands is simply not enough. My parents laugh when they hear me yelling, “Look where you’re going”, “Stay where I can see you”, and “don’t climb on that!”  It truly takes a village and I can use all the help I can get.

When does child safety start?

Our children’s safety starts with our repetitive advice and guidance. It’s ingrained in them through our habits and practices. But as mentioned before, it takes a village. Consider Sheepdog Protection Group apart of your village.

“There is nothing more precious to a parent then a child, and nothing more important to our future then the safety of all our children.”

– William J. Clinton

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