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Diversion Safes

What is a diversion safe?

Diversion safes are also known as hidden safes. They are designed to keep items you don’t want found out of sight. Unlike other safes that have large metal doors and combination locks the diversion hidden safes deceive people by looking like everyday household items. The logic to this safety method is so a theft will not think to look for valuables in your diversion safe.

How long have diversion safes been around?

There is a long history behind hidden safes in plain sight. Some date all the way to World War 1. Soldiers need to kept certain items together hidden but accessible. Some of these items would include maps of troop locations, unencrypted messages or perhaps backup weaponry. Over the years they have grown in popularity and the design have become even harder to pick out.

What kind of items do people put in a hidden safe?

Truly, the answer to this questions is any valuable you want to keep out of the wrong hands. Some ideas of items to hide could be money, weapons, passports, important documents, jewelry, and house keys.

What should I look for in a diversion safe?

One of the most the most important questions to ask yourself when picking out a diversion hidden safe is, will it fit the item you want hidden.  You also want to make sure the diversion safe picked would easily fit into its surroundings.

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Are diversion safes airtight?

To an extent. For the most part yes if your talking about a human nose. But If you are trying to outsmart a dog you may not be so lucky.

Will I be able to take this can through airport security?

It’s highly suggest NOT to put these in your luggage. The x-ray will reveal what is inside and the TSA may find your actions suspicious.

Are Hidden safes waterproof?

Some diversion hidden safes are definitely water resistant, as it is made out of a real can. Inside the can is a plastic bottle set in some sort of epoxy or plaster. It will keep water out, but it’s not advised to have it submerged it for long periods of time as it may not be water soluble

Do diversion safe come insulated, so if I shake it there won’t be noise?

Yes, some are insulated. And no I heard no sounds of jingling object can be heard from inside.

How big are the interior hiding space of a diversion safe?

Hidden safes come in many sizes and so does the area designating for hiding. Some of the smaller ones could have dimensions like  1 1/4 x 2 1/4 x ¾.  There are medium size round diversion safes that who dimension are about 2 1/4 x 4. Then there are larger ones that are 3 7/8" x 6".

Can my go past border patrol with this?

As long as there is nothing illegal inside it you should be alright.

Can I drink out of the safes, like the ones designed to look like canned beverages?

It's watertight but would be a little difficult to drink from and the edges can be sharp. It is not impossible but also not recommended.

Can diversions safe that look like clocks and anf salt containers operate like the items they are pretending to be?

Yes! Some of the diversion hidden safes are designed to function and hide objects at the same time. The clocks typically run on batteries and the containers can hold a smaller amount of salt. A diversion safe brush can be used as a brush. Though not all of the products function as they are depicted.

Can you tell the difference between the diversion safe and a real item?

To the naked eye no, these items look completely normal and have fooled many people over the years. If picked up someone may be able to tell a difference or notice something is off.

How does one get to the hidden compartment in the diversion safe open?

Most of them have a top and bottom that can be unscrewed and removed. Unfortunately, they don’t have locks built into them.

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