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Steel Batons

No matter where you are in the world you have a right to defend yourself by whatever means necessary. There is an abundance of self defense options for you to pick from. One of these options are the steel batons.

Why choose a steel batons for your self defense?

Defense weapons like Guns, Stun Guns, and Pepper Sprays are great options but they all have one downside. At some point the ammo, power, and spray runs out. These products are effective enough to neutralize the attacker or give you time to get away. But if they run out before then, you’ll have to prepare yourself for hand to hand fight. In this instance a retractable baton is ideal. It never has to be reloaded, gives you a longer arm reach, and is as hard as a metal bat.

Is an expandable baton good for home defense?

Retractable batons are great some home defense for multiple reasons. For starters, batons are non lethal. For household with children this may be a better option than a guns for stun guns. Children should still understand that these can cause bodily harm and are not toys.

In their condensed state they take up about as much space as a pen. They can be easily placed and accessible by your bed or front door.

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What sizes do steel batons come in?

When compact and closed they range from 6.5 inches to just under 10 inches. Fully extended they frequently come in lengths of 16 inches, 21 inches, and 26 inches. The length can be an advantage to you. It extended your arm reach, which will hopefully keep the distance between you and your opponent.

Bigger isn’t always better. The 26 inch baton will cause a lot of damage even if your are a petite person. Although, if you do not have good forearm strength you might have better control and comfort with a 16 inch or 21 inch retractable baton.

Are steel batons cost effective?

Absolutely. Most expandable batons for sale will not break your bank. You can still be a defensive badass on a budget. Many batons range from $16 to $30 dollars. Also unlike other weapons like Guns you do not need to buy more parts like bullets in order to use it.  You also don’t need to replace it after use like you would pepper spray. In addition you are not typically required by law to take special classes in order to carry it out in public.

Are expandable batons legal?

During your search for the best collapsible baton, you will want to look for any state or city regulations regarding retractable baton ownership. Some state view the steel baton as a lethal weapon because much like hitting someone with a bat it can cause sever damage. Some state only allow security guard and police have them. Others have specific types of batons such as bully clubs that they’ve made illegal. Do you due diligence on this matter before purchasing any retractable batons.  

Take time to practice.

Like any defence weapon practice is the key to success. Try taking your baton and fully extend it with one quick flick of the wrist. Make sure you have a good grip on it. Strike something like a punching bag. After a few strikes evaluate your hold. Do you need to make any adjustment so the batons doesn’t fall out of your hand? You want to practice will the baton feels like an extension of yourself. If presented with an altercation your defense weapon of choice should not feel like a foreign object to you.

Where should I strike?

There is really not wrong place to strike someone if they are attacking you. The arm or wrist is ideal because they will hopefully be in too much pain to grab you. A strike to the legs is a common police move. This prevents an assailant from running away or after you. This many also help in apprehending the culprit after you’ve gotten away and called the police.

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