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SafeFamilyLife Kits

Family safety kits are readily available with different self defence products for multiple types of situations. Some of the best safety kits are made up of user friendly product that don’t require expert skills. Having knowledge of self defence techniques is always a benefit but are not required to defend yourself.

Everyone should take the time developing a safety and security plan for all aspects of your life. The numbers for robberies, assaults, carjacking, can make anyone question their safety. There is no reason to despair because your safety at home, traveling alone, or at work can all be improved with preparation.

Can a kit be customized?

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Most of these kits are already prepackaged. Although, many of these family safety kits are already customised for certain situations. For instance some kits are for your car while on the road, others are great for college students, or specific places like apartments that don’t always come with security systems. Take the time to evaluate what is in each kit. Because of their unique qualities you’ll want to make sure each kit was everything you are looking wanted.

What are common products to expect in the Family safety kits?

Common family safety kits products would include items like:

  • Pepper sprays. Some have multiple times that can be left at home, car or on your person by way of a keychain.

  • Alarms. Each kit could contain different types of alarms. There are door alarms, keychain alarms, or even a simple panic whistle.

  • Diversion safes. These safes are designed to look like everyday household items but double as a safe.

  • Flashlights.

  • Multi-purpose emergency tools.

  • Product instructional manuals.

  • Tips on how to make your life safer. This may be how to prevent burglary, how to secure your dorm or apartment, or tips on staying safe while traveling.

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