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Personal Alarms

When people hear personal safety devices they tend to think of items such as Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, or Firearms. Although these are great products for self defense they are not for everyone. Even when people opt for these devices they may look for other options in addition to or as a back up to their primary self defense product. In either case a personal alarm could be an optimal solution. You can get alarms to have on your person, for your home, or your car. They are very versatile devices that can be conveniently carried and used in a variety of situations.

Why have a personal alarm?

Over the years personal alarms have been widely used as a deterrent from thieves or would be attackers. A thief intent on robbing you typically doesn’t want anyone else outside of the situation to know what they are up to. Likewise a person trying to harm you wouldn’t want someone to intervene or come to your rescue. A personal alarms loud pitch sound easily detters and notifies people around you that something is wrong. Best case scenario the alarm would cause the theft or attacker to stop their actions and run away from you. The unexpected loud noise may surprise them long enough for you to strike and get away. It will also let others around you know that something wrong is going on. They will hopefully come to your aid or call the authorities to assist.

Where can I use a personal alarm?

Personal alarms come in many shapes, sizes and can be customized for your daily life. So whether you are looking for personal alarms for runners or trying to find the loudest personal alarm there are many options. There are even alarms for your home or car. Ones that you can carry on your person or a personal keychain alarm. There are alarms for doors that would work great while on vacation, or in an apartment or dorm room. There are many ways personal panic alarms can be applied to make your life a little safer.

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How do I use personal panic alarm devices?

Personal alarms come in a variety of sizes, uses and styles. Some of the alarms can be activated with a simple push of a button, while many other alarms uses a pin to activate the loud noise. Pin alarms are rather common. They work be separating the pin from the alarm housing. For instants some of these are keychain alarms, where the pin is attached to the chain. If the alarm device is pulled and disconnected from the chain the alarm will sound.

What if I need an alarm for my hotel or dorm?

Maybe you are away on the vacation and staying in a hotel, or maybe you or your child are a student away at college. These are places that typically do not come with alarm systems. In these instances there are personal panic alarms that can be used on doors or windows. Some use pins or motion sensors in order to set the alarm off.

Can personal safety alarms do more than alarm?

You can find alarms that also have flashlights built in, providing extra security to the users. One could use this light to temporarily blind their attacker or to help find your way in the dark if necessary.

Some personal panic alarms are designed for people who have trouble staying awake while driving on long road trips. An alarm will go off if the drivers head drops like they are falling asleep.  

How loud should my personal self defense alarm be?

As you look through the options of personal alarms look at how many decibels there are. You want to look for a device with decibels that range from 105 to 140. Many alarms fall around 130db. If you start going over a 140db personal alarm or even a 150db personal alarm you may cause damage to your ears. You want a safety product that deters an assailant or notifies people to danger. You don’t want something that harms or puts you out of the fight also. This is one of those tools that when looking for the best personal alarm for you, it is not best to try and find the loudest personal safety alarm.

Are all personal safety alarms battery powered?

No there is also a segment of personal safety alarms that are aerosol alarms. If you don’t want to have to replace batteries in your alarm look into aerosol spray alarms or gas alarms. Most spray alarms will give you 30 - 40 quick bursts of sound. The decibel quality is the same as the battery powered alarms. Safety note when using these, just like other aerosol can’s avoid extreme hot and cold environments.

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