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Hidden Cameras

Am I 007?

When people hear the term “hidden cameras” a few things come to mind. Some may think of government spy gadgets that only a person like James Bond could get their hands on or have any real use for. Others may remember funny shows involving hidden cameras like “Smile, you're on candid camera”. But have you ever wondered if hidden cameras could benefit you in your business or personal life? After looking here you should be able purchase hidden cameras that fit your needs.

For starters, What is a Hidden Camera?

Hidden cameras are small cameras that are housed within inconspicuous everyday objects. In order to be effective these are everyday items that would make sense to be found positioned in the space or location in which they are being used. Things like clocks, mirrors, watches, jewelry, thermometers, smoke detectors, lighters, pens, sunglasses, air fresheners, and many more items are used for these devices.

What’s the best hidden camera?

With all of the internet articles today listing the best hidden cameras each year the most important part they miss is that you need to choose a camera that fits into your environment and situation. Many of the devices have a small hidden cameras which allow them to easily fit in normal objects. Whether you are using it on a jobsite, as an outdoor hidden surveillance camera, or as a spy camera for inside the home, the chosen application should be designed to fit your needs.

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What features should I look for?

Maybe you do not need it recording all the time, but instead only when someone is in the room. For that you would want a hidden camera with a motion sensor or night vision. The good news is there are many high quality hidden cameras available that come with a variety of features. Evaluate your need to help determine which hidden camera is best for you. You’ll find many hidden cameras and recording devices that can record to an internal hard drive or SD card. This makes it easy to play back the data that has been recorded by connecting it to your computer.

Could I really use a Hidden Camera?

There are many opportunities where a hidden camera can come in handy. Consider the list of applications below when looking to purchase hidden cameras.

How could it help my family?

Keep your family safe. A hidden camera can be those eyes in the back of your head. Maybe you work from home and you want to keep an eye on the kids playing in another room. You could also use one to keep an eye on your babysitter or nanny to make sure they are meeting your standards for child care. Maybe you need to monitor your kids/teens who come home from school before you’re done with work. You could even consider using a hidden camera in your new teen drivers car to make sure they are driving responsibly.

Could I use one for my business?

Watch over your business. Hidden cameras can help keep an eye on your customers as well as your employees. Sometimes a traditional, stationary security camera will have blind spots or not be able to effectively monitor the situation. Unfortunately there can be times where you may need to see what your employees are up to, and there have also been situations where employees moved their illegal activity out of view when a traditional security camera is installed. A small hidden camera that is easily positioned where needed could be the perfect solution. In situations like this hidden cameras can be used to monitor the register or employee behavior while on the job. Some cases could be blatant theft while others could be negligent wasteful use of materials.

How about in my personal office or jobsite?

Personal Office surveillance. Have you ever had things moved or that went missing from off your desk? If your office or desk contains sensitive documents or personal property you don’t want tampered with, hidden camera can make an ideal surveillance solution. You could look at using a table clock in a situation like this. If you work on a jobsite where you need to have a flashlight and at times need to record the situation that is going on such as oil or gas line inspectors. Instead of carrying multiple tools your flashlight could double as your camera.

Are there any laws about hidden cameras?

A hidden camera will go along way when you need to notify the authorities, but when looking to purchase hidden cameras one must also know the laws. Only few states allow hidden cameras with recording devices so make sure you understand your state laws, or that you are purchasing one that only records video without audio. If you follow this simple step they can also be great teaching tools if the time arises.

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