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Security Scanners

Handheld security body scanners or metal detector wands are wonderful tools to help metal weapons who may be hidden from sight. They were designed to be a more affordable way to check people going into a highly populated area like a bar, or sporting event. These handheld scanners will not only find weapons on a person’s body but also in their bags.

Are the affordable?

Security body scanner prices are far more affordable in a handheld form then the walk through. Many of them range from $140 to around $200 Dollars. This cost is more than acceptable for the detection and prevention of violent weapons being used in your facility.

Weight advantage to Security body scanners.

The scanners are lightweight. This is a feature that is great for long days of scanning many people. Who ever is in charge of scanning will be grateful to not be operating a heavy piece of equipment. Scanners can come in many sizes and styles for your consideration. The scanning surface of the wands can be small, only about 4 inches or bigger around 8 inches.

Will this detect precious metals? Gold, silver, platinum?

Its does have the ability to detect various metals. It is strong enough to detect most of all the possible metals. This makes these products ideal devices for security measures.

What kind of sensitivity should I look for in a security scanner?

Its suggested to get a scanner that has an adjustable sensitivity sensor. By adjusting the sensitivity one can target the type and size of the metal objects it’s looking for. If you don’t want the scanner to pick up small metal things like pens you can adjust the sensitivity accordingly. Although if you want metal of any size to be detected turn the sensitivity up and you’ll find even the tiniest of weaponry.

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Bells and whistles.

You will be notified threw lights and sound when the security body scanner has found a metal weapon. As the wand travels along the person it will light up and make a noise indicating that a metal object has been located. Depending on the model some of these features can be customized. If in a crowded area having both lights and sound may be beneficial. If you wish to be more discreet, perhaps at a private banquet event, turn off the sound setting. This can help prevent any unnecessary panic in a crowd.  

How many batteries, one or two?

One 9V . They are decent little devices. If you're going to be scanning a lot and believe that you will need to change the battery consider a battery recharging kit. These kits keep batteries charges and easily available for quick and efficient changes. Worked well as security device and extra benefit of using it at home as well for stud sensor type work. Good product for bars and clubs or any work facility where sensitive metals such as weapons are not permitted.

Will this detect firearms and knives?

Yes they are designed for just this purpose. It is built to pick up metals of all kinds even when they are under layers of heavy cloths. They are strong enough to find a nail in reclaimed lumber if need be.  

Does this device come with a duty belt case?

Some hand held security scans come with Woven belt holster included. There are others that have a wristband attached to the end of them. These products allow the used to keep their scanners close and available at all times on the job.

Can the audible alert be disengaged so that only the vibration alert is active?

Yes There are other setting on the scanner for your customization.

Some people may be walking through an airport or waiting in line for an event and get frustrated with the long security lines to get threw the metal detectors. We need to be patient and understand that these safety measures save lives. Most people, even those who carry a weapon, do not do so with the intent to cause anyone harm. But there are those malicious few who if not caught, will hopefully be deterred upon seeing the security body scanners.

Why do I need to adjust the sensitivity periodically?

Every once in awhile you will want to readjust or return your sensitivities to make sure that you are scanning at the correct calibration. There are some scanners available that come with Self-calibrating: digital microprocessor technology. This scanners will automatically adjust it’s sensitivity to make sure it’s performing at correct level.

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