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Slingshots! Do you recall the U-shaped traditionally wooden childhood toy with a long rubber band designed to launch objects in any desired direction and target? They are no longer a simple toys for the neighborhood Dennis the Menace. They have evolved over the years to be used for fun, hunting and survival. Below are some tips to find and use the best slingshot on the market.

What are the advantages of Slingshots?

Slingshots may not be the typical weapon option for hunting, or survival but it has some great advantages. For starters they are quiet with shooting. Unlike guns that are loud and may scare away potential prey. The other advantage is the diversity of ammo. Unlike guns or bows where there is only so many bullets or arrows. Slingshots can shoot anything that fits between the “y” arch. This makes it a great option for survival.

Can you use a slingshot for hunting?

There are many people who hunt using slingshots. They enjoy the challenge it presents. It has not grown in popularity due to the common use of rifles for hunting. Slingshots do not have many accessories to improve accuracy. A hunter has to have a strong skillset to effectively use a slingshot for hunting.  

What should I look for in a slingshot?

First you want to consider how wide the gap is in the “Y” part of the slingshot. Whatever object you choose to use for your survival should be small enough to fit through that “y” shaped gap. Second the rubber band needs to be long and elastic enough that when pulled the power and velocity increases significantly. Lastly, the base of a slingshot was traditionally made of wood. Over the years the options for base materials has evolved to include plastic and metal.These new bases have made the best slingshot on the market much easier to find as there are many good options.

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History behind Slingshots?

The uses of slingshots go clear back to David and Goliath. Some considered them to be a predecessor to the bow. The structural and mechanical functionality of both slingshots and bows are the same. Slingshots were some of the first weapons designed to give the user an advantage by striking a target at a distance. Before Slingshots combate contained close quarters sword or hand to hand type fighting.

How to aim and shoot the best slingshot on the market?

Even with the best slingshot on the market it has to be used properly to accomplish the task. First, make sure your holding the slingshot in the best angle and correct position. To achieve this make sure you wrist and the slingshot form a 90 degree angle. To increase accuracy make sure your have good posture with your shoulders back. Consider buying a slingshot with a built in armrest or brace to support your angle and to increase accuracy.

Second, practice pulling back the band. Pulling it back as far as possible will increase speed, intensity of impact, and distance. You’ll know that you're doing it right when your distance gets to 50 or 60 feet away.

Third, when you go to release make sure to let everything go simultaneously. You can not slowly release it finger by finger. When using a slingshot for survival you want the greatest impact. A slow release will decrease the tension on the band and likewise decrease the impact on the target.

Fourth tip to the perfect slingshot aim is perfect your shot by repeating steps one, two and three. Here you will increase your distance and accuracy. Continue practicing until the slingshot is an extension an extension of yourself.

Any legal issues?

You should not face many legal issues in purchasing and owning a slingshot. There are a few states and cities that have banned the use of them. Some have made specific types and styles of slingshots illegal but not slingshots as a whole. It is recommended to do your research before purchasing any slingshot for survival.

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